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We have a new name!

Our Nature lancering

The Natural Way of Things will move forward as Our Nature

When we started this magazine last spring, The Natural Way of Things seemed like a solid name and let our readership know exactly what to expect, but at the same time that name just didn’t ‘click’. Still, we really wanted to get started. And so did we. We gave ourselves permission to change names if a new and better name presented itself. And this month we found one, or it found us. That’s what happens when you give something space.

Today is September 21st, the start of the astronomical Autumn. The season in which fruit ripens and can be harvested. From the perspective of every tree, bush and plant it is a time of letting go. Therefore it’s symbolically a beautiful moment to let go of an old name.

Our Nature doesn’t fall from the sky. She was always present as the main theme of this magazine. We are very enthusiastic about this concise new title and excited to move forward under this new flag.

Eva and Cathelijne


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