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Launching in a relaxed way – it can be done

launching in a relaxed way - it's possible

The Natural Way of Things is live! Launching a project usually comes with stress. Will we hit our deadline? Is everything perfect enough for presenting it to the world outside? In my day job as a PR-manager I have experienced this stress many times, so I know how this usually feels. But this time was different. This time, it all happened organically and without any stress at all.

Because let’s be real here, honestly, how Important is a launch? Not at all, on the scale of big. It’s just not that big of a concern. When we take a moment to stop and realize this, it’s common sense. And yet we’re seduced into putting way more importance on it than is actually necessary.

Take a look at nature, and you see that life takes it’s own pace, and everything takes exactly as long as it takes. Have you ever seen a flower or a tree that made its entrance completely finished, polished, the exact right size? I haven’t. Why aren’t we allowed a plant-like beginning? First we could germinate quietly, then slowly get rooted, and do a little bit of growing before we really get noticed. And then we could poke our heads out of the proverbial ground. We find growth a normal process for plants, trees, animals, and for our children. But for projects?

And what exactly is ‘finished’? It’s all just perception. You could say that everything is complete in the germ of the idea. There’s a whole tree in every beechnut (I accidentally wrote ‘beechnot’ in that sentence, and of course that can happen too. Not all seeds germinate. Also, the phenomenal world is on the move constantly, so it’s not possible to even reach an end.

Providing time and space

Almost two years passed between the seed of the idea and this online magazine on living our nature. It was born without any haste and arose from a planning defined only by a vague direction. Because ideas have a plan of their own. When you give them space, they show you where they want to go. One of the things I’ve learned throughout the years, is that developing a project organically will give birth to healthier output than trying to force the process will.

The Natural Way of Things

So here we are. Freshly sprung and without pretensions. We don’t even haven an official logo. We’ll figure that out later on, when all this has a bit more crystallized – just another example of giving space to the natural way of things. We dare to wait and see how it all unpacks itself. Yes, it takes loads of patience, especially when you’re ready and eager.

And I must admit that not all projects fit this approach. But more do than we expect, and when it does work, life is so much easier.

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