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Fantasy vs. Fact (and the deeper impact of both on our lives)

Golden water - fact vs fantasy

Eric Dowsett travels the world sharing his experience on clearing spaces and people energetically, restoring balance and harmony. His knowledge is based on his understanding of the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and non-attachment. He himself was introduced to Space Clearing in Australia over 30 years ago. In this article he shares his thoughts on the deeper impact of facts and fantasy on our lives.

Eric: ‘First off, what is the difference between the two… those of us who pay the remotest attention to world affairs will have trouble differentiating. We recognise that if we are told a fiction long enough it becomes fact.

But how far back do we need to go to even begin approaching ‘fact’. And what is fact anyway? A collective agreement on a point of view? The sun rises, the sun sets. Once upon a time it was believed that the sun revolved around the earth – Fact. Then it was understood that the earth revolved around the sun – Fact. The ‘old’ fact was a fact no longer. It was replaced with a ‘new’ fact.

So, even if we recognise that what we currently hold to be true and we imagine we can see through all the ‘fake news’ that is pushed upon us today, we have to ask ourselves when did ‘fake news’ start? Or, has it always been a part of the human condition. If that is the case, then it matters not how far back we go, we cannot trust what we believe to be real to be real. A conundrum if ever there was one.

I am constantly asking people to not believe a word I say at workshops (or any other time!) Because, for one, whatever I currently accept as reality can, and will change, perhaps even by tomorrow! I add, that people should not believe a word anyone tells them, ever, if someone believes they ’know’ chances are they know less than you! Most people who try to convince you of their point of view are trying to sell you something. A product, or a belief system. Why would they do that? In part because they believe in what they are selling, or they are being paid to believe it.

Once you begin the process of not believing a word anyone tells you, it snowballs, it has to, there is no line in the sand that you can point to and say that anything on this line is real and anything across the line is fake. That is just your current perception, your collection of points of view that you still cling to. To keep your sanity? You have got to hold onto something haven’t you? There is some bottom line, which denotes how far you are prepared to let go.

This is a complex issue, it may well reflect around our own authenticity, how true to ourselves are we? And who is determining what is authentic and what is not. It may be said, and possibly correctly, that we are all authentic all of the time, even though that ’authenticity’ appears to attract some pretty uncomfortable situations, people or events in our lives. Even though we follow a fantasy we are still being true to ourselves, in that moment. We do things, say things, think things that later we may regret. This is still being true to the belief we hold about ourselves. So, we are authentic. No problem.

Yet if we hold onto a fantasy, about relationships for example, often our energy associated with the fantasy is not enough to see us through the fantasy. When the honeymoon wears off we are once again faced with aspects of personality, both ours and our partners. What we imagined, what we hoped, what we expected is not what we get, the ‘reality’ is far removed form the fantasy. We may try to sustain the fantasy, seek another partner who can deliver, ‘try’ harder, do more, but until we change the programming we are destined to repeat the same old patterns over and over again.

Part of the challenge, as I see it and remember, don’t believe a word, is that we are conditioned to have expectations, we are conditioned to believe that emotions are ours, that the more we ‘do’ the better things will be. Expectations lead to our living in the future, identifying with emotions mean we are living in the past, controlled by our own conditioned existence. The busier we are the less time we have to re ect upon the moment, always busy, chasing the dream, the fantasy, or trying to shut ‘reality’ using various methods of escape.

While we hold onto any fantasy life will always come up short, never meeting the ideals we have in our minds. There can be said to be a certain lack of authenticity in our lives, we are not being true to ourselves. Yet as mentioned earlier we can only be true to ourselves, it is not possible to be otherwise, so what then is happening? We are being true to who we currently believe ourselves to be and if those beliefs do not change then we will continue to come up against disappointment.

With time, and repeated adventures into fantasy land we may be forced to change, but to truly change is not so easy, it requires we ‘change’ who we believe ourselves to be, for all the time we hold onto our conditioned past change is not possible. Discover, for yourself, an effortless way to allow change into your life, a way that does not challenge or threaten your established way of being. A way that gentle shifts perceptions from the inside, no one telling you what to do or what not to do and step into a new future.’

Eric Dowsett is the author of several books on the ‘true’ nature of our relationship with our environment, with others and with ourselves and personal experiences on how to dis-entangle ourselves from past, limiting conditions: The Moment That Matters, Loving Who Shows Up, First Aid – A Guide to Greater Health and Happiness and Collapsing the Wave.

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