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The Benefit of Being Flexible: an Energetic Perspective

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Eric Dowsett travels the world sharing his experience on clearing spaces and people energetically, restoring balance and harmony. His knowledge is based on his understanding of the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and non-attachment. He himself was introduced to Space Clearing in Australia over 30 years ago. In this article he encourages us to bend with the winds and not resist them.

Protecting your Investment

Otherwise known as defending your point of view

It appears to be a reasonable action, if we invest time, money, energy into any particular area we have decided to ‘believe’ in our subject. The more time we spend exploring the subject the more energy we invest in that subject, the more we believe in it.

Often times we do this without full awareness, our reasons to follow certain paths are not always obvious. Even if we think we are making a conscious decision our motivation for such a decision eludes us, assuming we are aware of the driving force behind most decisions we make.

No matter, for the time being, any reasons for our actions, whatever we expend energy on becomes an aspect of our being that we identify with or use to help identify who we believe ourselves to be.

That famous opening line at social gatherings “What do you do?” How do you define yourself may be a better opening line. What processes have you passed through that make you who you are?

For example X is pushed out of regular employment for reason B. The market for X’s skills and expertise is shrinking. So X needs to look elsewhere. This may lead to a crisis of confidence because X was so invested in their employable identity that without it, they are a ship adrift in a storm. Until they can find another safe harbour they will continue to wander aimlessly and offer all sorts of excuses to define their ‘temporary’ in between state.

The more energy we invest in something the more we need to defend it, it is after all, how we define  ourselves. This definition is not limited to one aspect of our being, over the years we have given energy to various aspects of life all of which combine to create a sense of identity, of purpose. The family we are born into, the social environment, the country, our language, skin colour, the school we go to, the friends we make, the list goes on. Depending on these and other factors we will either continue to associate with this conditioning, defending it thereby giving more energy to it, or, we will begin a process of letting go. It seems, because of attachments we may have to the need for an identity, the early stages of letting go are more likely to be changing one path, one belief pattern, for another.

As in the case of X, at some stage in their life they thought they belonged to group ‘D’ when that was no longer viable they sought out another belief that they could invest in, ‘E’. Some find it easy to change, others less so. Most wait until change is forced upon them, by which time they have invested so much time, energy, money into their current state of being change is very challenging.

There is no cosmic requirement to change although there could be a lot of benefit in being flexible.

To bend with the winds and not resist them. You may have noticed, in yourself or others, a closing down, a hardening of the heart, a denial of possibilities. This mostly arises because of a sense of insecurity. There are many possible causes for this feeling of insecurity, whatever, in my experience insecurity is responsible for most of the uncomfortable challenges we, as humanity, face.

While we continue to hold onto the belief pattern of insecurity we continue to give energy to insecurity, not consciously that would be a crazy thing to do. But, the more we associate with an idea, any idea, the more we empower it. If our society generates feelings of insecurity it is because the collective give energy to insecurity. This we then identify with the reality that we exist within.

And so it goes. All phenomena arises in our awareness, most identify, because of conditioning, with certain aspects of that phenomena. Identifying with phenomena gives energy to that phenomena, when phenomena is energised it ‘appears’ to be real, the more energy, the more real it becomes. The more real it appears the more we hold onto it, defending it against those who support a different set of rules. This applies to all phenomena, be it culture, language, job, skin colour, or, insecurity.

Developing flexibility may be the key to creating a world that believes less in insecurity, when less energy is given to any phenomena, it fades away, insubstantial as an early morning mist.

Eric Dowsett is the author of several books on the ‘true’ nature of our relationship with our environment, with others and with ourselves and personal experiences on how to dis-entangle ourselves from past, limiting conditions: The Moment That Matters, Loving Who Shows Up, First Aid – A Guide to Greater Health and Happiness and Collapsing the Wave.

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